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When supplements won't work

You may find it surprising to hear that sometimes, supplements may not work! Yes, they may not give you anything at all. Please read to see why…

Muscle building

If you are looking to build muscle mass and taking any LA Muscle builders, you are likely to see some gains. Combine Norateen with a good bodybuilding routine in the gym and good nutrition and you will see incredible results.

However, if you take muscle building supplements and you don’t go to the gym, you eat bad and you love to drink like a fish, then chances are, you will not get great gains. Not stimulating your muscles to grow (by not going to the gym), not eating enough carbohydrates or protein and drinking alcohol will all be detrimental to muscle gains.

People ask how much alcohol is OK with testosterone boosters? The answer is zero. Sure, you can drink if you like whilst taking Testosterone boosters but if you are spending the money and want the BEST gains, then no or as little as possible is the amount of alcohol you should consume while taking the supplements.

So in the above cases your supplements may not work very well. They are not miracle pills. They can’t undo things if you are intent on causing maximum damage to your body and to your muscle building gains.


Weight loss

LA Muscle has some pretty insane weight loss supplements. Some of them like Bloat No More, work in just 1 day. However if you are on your sofa all day, eating takeaways, sodas, chocolates and not moving at all, NOTHING will help you get the body of your desires.

LA Muscle fat burners 100% work even for those who don’t exercise but that is not the way to go. If you really want to see results, you need to MOVE and you need to cut out sugar, excess carbs and eating rubbish.

If you are too lazy to do anything and constantly eat a diet of junk, then a fat burner will not do much for you because you will be undoing its effects on an hourly basis!



If your entire day is spent gulping down energy drinks, chocolate and caffeine, then you may find pre-workouts to not do much for you. LA Muscle's Possessed II will still give you very good results over others because it is not strictly caffeine based.

Supplements like the ones LA Muscle provide work better than all other brands because of their unique formulations and their Pharmaceutical Grade. If you are spending the money and want them to work at their BEST then you need to pay attention to your nutrition and eat as healthy as you can and you need to move and exercise.

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