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Which LA Muscle supplements compliment one another?

Many people like to stack supplements to either get bigger, lose more weight or do both. LA Muscle’s supplements have been designed to be taken together, whether you want fat loss or muscle building.

There are some favourite stacks that people take together and they give amazing gains. Let’s have a look at a few stacks that work really well:

Getting big fast

Norateen Heavyweight II + Norateen Extreme
Norateen X + Nuclear Creatine
Norateen Nitro + Norateen Heavyweight II + Norateen Extreme

Losing Weight Fast

Fat Stripper Pro Burn + Fat Stripper Intense
Fat Stripper Intense + Six Pack Pill Extreme
Fat Stripper Pro Burn + Burn Belly Fat Extreme

Losing weight AND building muscle fast

Norateen Heavyweight II + Fat Stripper Intense
Norateen X + Fat Stripper Pro Burn
Norateen Black + Norateen Heavyweight II + Burn Belly Fat

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to stacking LA Muscle supplements. You can take your pick of your favourites and just go for it. You are 100% guaranteed great gains whatever stack you go for.
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