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Why do you have so many products?

Most products need to be cycled

Most LA Muscle products cannot be taken for more than 2 months at a time. You will need to cycle products, 2 months on and at least 1 month off. Protein Products can be taken all year round.

You would take something like Fatstripper for 1-2 months and then stop taking it. You would not be able to take it for another month. At this point, if you still wanted more fat loss, you would take Six Pack Pill or Fatstripper INTENSE for another 1-2 months.

You can then go back to Fatstripper.

The reason why LA Muscle is so popular with so many people is that you can get powerful and fast-acting supplements for "every" goal and desire.

You have choices even within choices! If you want fat loss, you can choose from tens of different LA Muscle fat loss products. If you wanted fat loss and energy and fat loss and muscle gain or fat loss and appetite suppression, LA Muscle has a product for you.


That's why there are so many Norateen® supplements so you can take 1-2 for 1-4 months, then change to another for 1-4 months to continuously get gains,

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