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Why should I buy from you? There are so many companies out there.

LA Muscle products are scientifically researched and are at the cutting-edge of supplementation. Please read and think about the following examples; we are sure they will make sense to you:


We don't manufacture cheap protein and sell it to you cheaply so you think you've got a bargain! We give you the best protein your money can buy with no compromises. You really DO get what you pay for with supplements.


We don't put Creatine into our products just so it looks good on the label. So many people do this (such as in workout drinks) without caring for your health. You can't take Creatine all year round; do they tell you not to take Creatine all year round? NO.


We don't include ingredients just for label claims. You get what works or you won't get it at all. You can trust the LA Muscle name to give you safe, strong, fast-acting supplements with premium customer services and the industry's only full money back guarantee even on used tubs.


LA Muscle is used and recommended by celebrity trainers, Hollywood Studios for their actors and top coaches because the supplements work and produce incredible results.

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