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Workout Nutrition: Is Protein Best Before Or After Workout?


There is an ongoing debate about the best time to have a protein shake. Some people believe that eating a protein-rich meal or protein shake is best as pre-workout nutrition, while others claim it is best after a workout to aid recovery. And some wonder if when you have your protein matters at all.


People are focused on making the most out of every aspect of their fitness, including their workout program, what they eat and when they eat it. But for many people, protein-rich nutrition in any form after a workout provides the most benefits. And there are several explanations why having a protein shake after exercise is preferred.


According to dietitians, protein is broken down slowly in the body. And that's why eating a protein pre-workout meal or drinking a protein shake before a workout may not be helpful. Drinking a protein shake before a workout can decrease your performance, as you may feel heavy from the protein shake. For optimal recovery, consuming protein moment after a workout or within three hours of strength training is ideal.


Drinking protein shakes after a workout has many benefits. And the two most vital of them are muscle building and recovery. While exercising, small micro-tears take place in muscle tissue. Micro-tears allow amino acids to build and maintain muscle mass. Therefore, consuming protein is critical for rebuilding and maintaining muscle quality post-exercise.


Considering your tired and torn muscles need to be rebuilt after an intense workout, it becomes imperative to consume protein shakes after. The choice of post-workout protein nutrition may vary based on preference. Protein shakes offer an easy way of providing your body with a quick fix of protein needed for various post-workout processes for building muscle post-workout. Another crucial point to note is that consuming the right protein shake is essential to maximizing your recovery and muscle building process.


When choosing protein powders to make your shakes, one of the things that you need to look out for is their amino acid makeup. Ensure that they contain all the essential amino acids. A high-quality protein powder should contain natural ingredients, zero saturated fat, must be gluten-free and GMO-free. A solid recommendation for protein powder is LA Whey Gold by LA Muscle.


Having protein shakes as post-workout nutrition does not need to be boring, and you can spice things up by adding fruits. The added benefit of carbohydrates in fruits such as bananas promotes muscle recovery. Additionally, combining carbohydrates with your protein after a workout helps boost protein synthesis in the muscle.


Consuming protein after a workout has proven to help maximize your gym time and create your desired body composition. Protein shakes aren't the only methods of providing your body with protein for post-workout recovery and muscle building, as there are hundreds of recipes that you can use the protein powders in, which are equally delicious. Whichever recipe you choose, bear in mind that loading up protein after an intense workout routine offers more benefits.

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