Norateen® Heavyweight II

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Product image 4Norateen® Heavyweight II
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Voted No.1: Men's Health, "Strongest ever muscle builder"

BRAND NEW EVEN STRONGER FORMULA: The full daily dose now delivers an extra 480mg extra Suma Root! Plus brand new 300mg Tribulus Terrestris and 6mg of Bioperine for extra-fast absorption! More Testosterone, more GH, more muscle than ever before!


Voted as "the strongest ever muscle builder" by Men's Health Magazine, as seen on SKY TV and even the BBC's rugby sports panel wanted it banned for being too strong! Norateen Heavyweight II is the strongest legal and safe natural muscle & strength builder in the world suitable for beginners and advanced trainers. Results are guaranteed from the very first day when you will see your strength increase by at least 10-20%. Whether you are into extreme sports, bodybuilding or you just want a decent body fast, Norateen Heavyweight II is THE ONE.


Extensively reviewed on the BBC & featured on SKY TV
Contains highest grade of rare Pharma Grade active ingredients
100% safe & natural, can be taken by beginners
NEW formula with even more power

How this ONE supplement can literally change your life and your body in days without needing to kill yourself working out or looking embarrassed on the beach or in the gym

We can now be let into the "secret" supplement that many top bodybuilders have been using for the past 2 decades. Norateen Heavyweight II has been producing MIRACLES for even the hardest gainers. Norateen Heavyweight II takes the stress out of getting big. You don't have to worry about hours of daily grind in the gym, tons of extra meals and a thousand other "necessities" for getting big!
It's time to be part of an elite crowd and try Norateen Heavyweight II!


So, you want to believe this. You want to believe that there really is a supplement out there that can get you big really fast without all that huge effort that you find so overwhelming. Maybe you've lost money on other scam supplements? Or you are just a skeptic by nature? Don't worry, we totally understand! Norateen Heavyweight II has the longest track record of any muscle builder out there and there are hoards of top trainers that sing its praises. It is 100% legit and sold by one of the longest established supplements companies in the world, LA Muscle.


Voted Number 1
by Men's Health Magazine

Norateen Heavyweight II has been voted as the number 1 muscle builder by the prestigious Men's Health Magazine. This incredible supplement also featured in the Men's Health Beach Body Challenge as the one that gives the best results in the quickest time.

As seen on BBC TV

Norateen Heavyweight II has been featured on a whole host of TV channels including SKY and BBC TV. During a 30 minute discussion many athletes hailed it as the number muscle supplement they had ever used whilst some others wanted it banned due to its extreme power.

Rave Reviews since 1998

The Norateen name has been synonymous with bodybuilding and muscle building since 1998. Whilst many supplements have come and gone, 1 name remains at the top when it comes to muscle builders. That name is Norateen and Norateen Heavyweight II has been a best seller across the world ever since its launch.

Men's Fitness Magazine has also hailed Norateen Heavyweight II as best in class and the only supplement you need for immediate gains in strength and more muscle definition and muscle size within days.

Expensive for some, a life saver for others!

Celebrity trainers recommend Norateen Heavyweight II to their clients to ensure they get the quickest results. When money is not more important than results and you don't want to waste your money by buying ineffective and unproven products, you buy Norateen Heavyweight II.

Join millions who have experienced the SECRET POWER of Norateen Heavyweight II and look muscular and strong within days with no risks whatsoever!

Norateen Heavyweight II takes care of all the muscle building GH in your body. No stress, no loss. Get BIG in just days!

It's SIMPLE. Answer the following:

1. Do you want to get BIG IMMEDIATELY without waiting months or years training for hours in the gym?
2. Do you want to try something that is 100% GUARANTEED to work?
3. Do you want to use a 100% natural supplement with a 20 year track record (unmatched by the way!)?
4. Do you want to try this incredible RAVED ABOUT supplement with NO RISK to you?

    If yes, then don't delay. Go for it now before stocks run out and please ACT FAST!

    Norateen Heavyeight II is THE recommended muscle builder by "Shredded Diesel", Celebrity Trainer to hundreds of celebrities including A-listers such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Madonna and P Diddy.

    Shredded Diesel is friends with some of the top bodybuilders in the world and very experienced on the effects of various ingredients on your physiology and overall look.

    Consistently, the number 1 supplement recommended by him for building immediate strength, extreme muscle size, power, muscle definition and hardness and getting lean is Norateen Heavyweight II.

    "People ask me what's my secret with my celebrity clients. I tell them it's the right training, good diet and my number 1 recommendation for muscles is Norateen Heavyweight II. My clients don't have time to mess about and money is no object to them. They want results and I give it to them with Norateen Heavyweight II". Zee "Shredded Diesel"

    You take NO RISK! Norateen Heavyweight II comes with LA Muscle's cast iron 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satidfied, you get your money back, no hassle, no interrogation! 100% results and 100% premium service is what you will always get from LA Muscle.


    Now YOU can try the official muscle supplement of countless top Hollywood movies without paying thousands of pounds for the privilege of a Celebrity Personal trainer recommending it to you!


    Norateen Heavyweight II has been the choice supplement of many Hollywood Action and Muscle movies. Hollywood ONLY partners up with reputable brands and only approves products it believes have the same high standards as them. This is why LA Muscle has been the choice partner to over 20 major Hollywood Movies and Norateen Heavyweight II has been at the forefront as the Official Muscle Supplement. Order Norateen Heavyweight II today and start getting that dream body you have always wanted from tomorrow.

    Norateen Heavyweight ® is the Registered Trademark of LA Muscle.

    LA Muscle store voted "Best Store" by Retail Week Magazine for design, showcasing LA Muscle's commitment to to the highest standards on earth

    LA Muscle's full-strength premium sports supplements are not for everyone. The very high raw material qualify, non-compromising ethos and strict manufacturing practices mean that LA Muscle supplements are more expensive than other brands. If you want the very best and want to get your hands on a range that says a great deal about your own high standards and non-compromising attitude, then LA Muscle is for you.

    Recently, LA Muscle's concept store was recognised in the Retail Week Interior Design Awards under the "Best Store" category. This store shows the extreme high standards set for LA Muscle from the uniqueness of the supplements all the way to presentation and customer services. Special attention is always paid to the post-purchase customer experience. Whilst others may just want your money, LA Muscle would like you to become a fan of the brand and experience all the benefits.

    Serving size: 1 Tablet
    Servings Per Container: 180


    D-Aspartic Acid 200mg
    Mucuna Prureins 100mg
    Suma Root
    Tribulus Terrestris 50mg
    Beta-Ecdysterone 15mg
    Bioperine 1mg


    Supply: 1 Month

    How to take: Take 2 tablets, 3 times a day preferably with a high protein meal or high protein shake such as LA Whey.

    Training days: You can take 2 tablets 15 minutes before training and the rest (other 4 tablets) as above.

    Take as directed every day and do not skip doses. For most people, Norateen® starts kicking in within days (sometimes hours!). For some (minority of people) Norateen® kicks in around the 3rd-4th week of usage. Everyone is different, so make sure you supplement as instructed, train hard and heavy with compound movements, training each body part no more than once a week and you will see the best gains of your life.


    Each bottle will last: 1 Month


    Supplements not medicines
    LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.



    LA Muscle Tubs
    In line with LA Muscle’s Green Policy and reducing carbon footprint, LA Muscle is using a “ONE SIZE” tub for most supplements. This is to reduce the use of plastic tubs by having tens of different sizes for various products and having to over-manufacture plastics. As a result, you may find that in many LA Muscle supplements, the tub is much bigger than the total size of all pills. You are still getting the exact number of pills/capsules/powder you have paid for, however there will be extra space at the top, giving the impression to some people that the tub is not full. This is solely because of our commitment to reducing the need for making extra plastic tubs. LA Muscle does not use cotton wool to fill up the extra space because cotton wool can attract microbes. Your safety AND the protection of the planet are big parts of the LA Muscle ethos.



    Hi can anyone let me know weather this will increase estrogen levels as estrogen levels are meant to be bad for men. Because testosterone boosters block estrogen levels but once you are off testosterone boosters i believe estrogen levels raise higher

    Asked by Javid Iqbal on 28th December 2018


    Norateen Heavyweight II has built-in estrogen reducers so your estrogen levels will not rise whilst or post taking this supplement.



    Hi there, can I take norateen heavyweight in the same that I will have some alcohol? Or is just better to skip that day? Thanks

    Asked by Israel Martinez on 16th December 2018


    Hi Israel, you should continue to take the product as directed everyday when using it. Alcohol consumption should be kept to a minimum.



    Hey it be ok if I don't take month off keep taking Norateen Heavyweight II let me know

    Asked by Sajad Habibi on 27th November 2018


    Hi Sajad, yes you can if you wish however results are better when used on a cycle.



    Is it safe to take with an under active thyroid?

    Asked by Andy Hastings on 29th October 2018


    Hi Andy, we recommend referring this question to your GP.



    Hi, I have recently broken my hand and cannot currently weight train. Due to this I am now looking to work on my definition by HIIT and core training. Would this product still help or should I lay off until I can train with weights again ?

    Asked by Gary Rawnsley on 7th August 2018


    Hi Gary, you can keep hold of it and use it in a muscle-building program once able to weight train again for best results.



    should I take this with agent R or would it be better to take this for a month then agent r for a month etc

    Asked by aiden duncan on 17th June 2018


    Hi Aiden, you can take this first and then Agent R after for best results.



    Hello, I just wanted to query about the intake. Struggle taking any form of tablets. Are you able to open the capsules and intake that way or do you have to swallow the entire pill?

    Asked by Scott-Daniel Ibanez on 11th June 2018


    Hi Scott, yes you can open them if you need to and consume them with a liquid.



    Bren Can I take this with slim whey and thermoxen. I want to lose weight and gain lean muscle. Do I have to totally cut out cardio

    Asked by Agnieszka Hencil on 2nd March 2018


    Hi Agnieska, yes you can take those products all together. No you would't cut out cardio as cardio is important for weight loss.



    Would you fail a drug test at work on this product

    Asked by alan moyle on 22nd February 2018


    Hi Alan, no as all of our products contain only 100% natural ingredients.



    Can I take Norateen® Heavyweight II alongside Six Pack Pill Extreme. If so how would you recommend that this is taken during the day? Thank you

    Asked by Peter Harris on 12th January 2018


    Hi Peter, yes you can. We recommend taking all products according to their directions on the tubs for best results.



    hi team , i started to take norateen H.W II 10 days ago but recently i injured so i have to stop my training. therefore, i have to stop take this product without training or i can complete the cycle ?? sine you addressed that don't escape the dosage !

    Asked by Qasim Mousa on 26th October 2017


    Hi Qasim, you should be training regularly when taking the product for best results. You can continue once your injury has subsided and you resume training.



    I use LA whey but struggle to consume recommended protein amount (1.5gr per lb of weight)so see no muscle gains. I previously used LA explosive creatine as directed but no gains. Will this work if I do not consume recommended protein amount.

    Asked by Patrick Kearney on 5th September 2017


    Hi Patrick,

    LA Whey protein will sure help increase your daily protein intake as it contains 49g of quality protein per serving. If you use it post training then it will work in the sense that it will help you recover, rebuild muscle tissues and replenish glycogen.



    Hi it says to cycle norateen heavyweight 2 for 2 months do I cycle vasculator and 6 pack pill as 2 months aswell as I plan to take these toghther?

    Asked by Ajay Dhunna on 25th June 2017


    Hi Ajay, you can take Vasculator all year round but Six Pack Pill will also need to be cycled with a different fat burner.



    Hi is it safe to take heavyweight11,vasculator,testo250 all at the same time

    Asked by Ceri Jones on 28th March 2017


    Hi Ceri, yes it is.



    Can you take this with anti depressions?

    Asked by stacey osborne on 25th February 2017


    Hi Stacey, we do not recommend taking any supplements whilst on medication.



    Hi guys, Ive just ordered 3x Norateen Heavyweight II. I noticed you recommend 2 months on and a months off with this supplement. Can I then take Norateen II immediately for 2 months as a cycle? Or is it best to give the body a break from it?

    Asked by Vince Manley on 19th February 2017


    Hi Vince, yes on the month off in the 2 month on/1 month off cycle you can take Norateen II.



    Hi can I take norateen heavyweight 2 with out a mass ganier or protein shake

    Asked by James Leeson on 19th January 2017



    Hi James, yes you can. You would need to make sure you have plenty of protein in your diet from your food for optimum results.



    Is it okay to do weight training but still do my low intensity cardio and still get top results by using this product?

    Asked by Arandeep Singh on 5th August 2016


    Hi Arandeep, yes it is.



    Hi I've been on a crash diet I've just started gym again n I've lost all my Strength will these help me gain strength cos I have no energy what so ever too lift weights

    Asked by Azhar Mahmood on 15th July 2016


    Hi Azhar, yes it will.



    hi I have a tub of zmax can I take this with norateen heavyweight and six pack pill with sculpt

    Asked by mark bowman on 18th April 2016


    Hi Mark, yes you can.



    Hi, Have an opened tin of heavyweight 11 and wanted to know if its ok to continue with them as long as the best before date is up. The best before date is 2018. Just did not want to waste them. Thank you for your time. Cheers Don

    Asked by Don Ford on 16th April 2016


    Hi Dan, you can use the product as long as it is still valid before it's expiry date.



    Hi I recently bought nh2 and norateen extreme, is okay to use both at the same time complimented off course with LA whey, or is it just better to start with one or the other considering this is my first time using norateen, and are there any side effects?

    Asked by MWAMBA MUNKONGE on 8th April 2016


    Hi Mbamwa, we would recommend starting with Norateen Heavyweight II and when finished move on to Norateen Extreme. There are no side effects.



    Hi, Are these pills drugs r just a supplement??

    Asked by Ryan Milligan on 2nd March 2016


    Hi Ryan, we do not sell any illegal substances. This product is one of the strongest natural muscle builders on the market.



    How long are you supposed to norateen heavyweight 11 For. Say I have taken it for 6 months and get the result I am looking for can I stop Will this make me loss muscle that I have gained

    Asked by mikin Patel on 27th February 2016


    Hi Mikin, as long as you continue to train and eat for maintenance you can hold on to muscle.



    Can girls take this product?

    Asked by Anthony McKenzie on 11th February 2016


    Hi Anthony, yes all of our products can be used by both men and women.



    Hi, which one is better for lean muscle? Extreme heavy weight or the regular norateen? Thanks

    Asked by gus ferguson on 4th February 2016


    Hi Gus, they are both used for this purpose. If you are new to the Norateen range we recommend starting with Heavyweight II.



    Hi guys, can I take sculpt & test 250 with norateen heavyweight 2,

    Asked by David Oliver on 20th January 2016


    Hi David, yes you can.



    Hi can you take fat stripper at the same time as norateen heavyweight 2?

    Asked by Hassan Baig on 22nd December 2015


    Hi Hassan, yes you can.



    Can I cycle Norateen Extreme to Norateen Heavyweight II? Or is it best to have a month off?

    Asked by Jason Mills on 15th December 2015


    Hi Jason, we recommend using the Norateen range on a cycle of 2 months on, 1 month off. These two can be used in a cycle together.



    hi i, im type 2 diabetic can i use noratin heavy weight II thanks

    Asked by joel magisa on 14th December 2015


    Hi Joel, we would recommend referring this question to your GP along with a list of the ingredients.



    I am a marine i need stamina and strength, endurance for my training. which product should i take?

    Asked by Narender Bhardwaj on 17th November 2015


    Hi Narender, this product will certainly help along with possessed, our best selling pre-workout formula.



    Hi, Can Norateen Heavyweight 2 be taken with LA Muscle Extreme Protein ? Also does the product have a shelf life, I have an unopened pack of Norateen (seal hasn't been broken). Many Thanks

    Asked by steven turner on 13th November 2015


    Hi Steven, yes it can. Yes, the expiry date is displayed on the tub.



    Hello, can I take Norateen heavyweight || with Norateen heavyweight and LA whey mass gainer to pack on some serious mass? Cause I'm looking to gain muscle and weight, lost both in the past few months.

    Asked by Khian Mility on 19th October 2015


    Hi Khian, yes you can take all of these products together and they will work very well towards your goal.



    i am 18 and need to pack on serious muscle very quick for my sport can i take this supplement. whey protein and creatine is not giving me the gains i need??

    Asked by conor cleary on 7th July 2015


    Hi Conor, yes when combined with a high protein diet and intensive training it will help add lean muscle. A good bundle for your goal would be the Iron Man pack.



    Can i take six pack pill with norateen heavyweight 2. Also I have norateen heavyweight 2 and norateen 2 can I take them at the same time

    Asked by ryan roberts on 8th June 2015


    Hi Ryan, yes all of these products can be taken together.



    Am going to marry after two month. If there is any side effects, (sex) for example bed time?

    Asked by Martin Kenny on 3rd June 2015


    Hi Martin, none of our products cause any side effects as they use only 100% natural ingredients.



    im on a very high protein diet but i smoke , does smoking effect results ?

    Asked by liam walsh on 1st June 2015


    Hi Liam, smoking will affect your health which can in turn affect your training goals and results.



    Hi. I train 4 days a week and on training days am taking 6 Heaveyweight ii pills as per the instructions.. (2+2+2) Simple question.. DO I take the 6 pills on non training days ? Thanks.

    Asked by Gary Lowe on 24th April 2015


    Hi Gary, yes you do. They should be taken every day.



    Hi.. Just wandered if this product is suitable for older people.. ie 49 Years young.. Same with the Testerone 250.. Thanks

    Asked by Gary Lowe on 22nd April 2015


    Hi Gary, yes it is. It is great for aiding with lean muscle growth and you'll see great results.



    I am entering a BNBF natural bodybuilding contest. Is it ok to continue to take Norateen Heavyweight II up until the competition?

    Asked by Anne McCormick on 26th March 2015


    Hi Anne, yes it is. Many of our other customers who compete use this as well as some of our other products to add lean muscle naturally and quickly.



    Hi it's states you can take norateen heavyweight 2 and norateen 2 together? Do you just follow directions and effectively double up 3 times a day or should they be split up even more?

    Asked by Adam Sawiski on 23rd February 2015


    Hi Adam, yes you just simply follow the directions of the two on their tubs and take them together for optimum results.



    i only do body exercise <press ups, pull ups, boxersize and sprinting. can i use norateen heavyweight for this?

    Asked by mohammed aftab ashraf on 9th February 2015


    Hi Mohammed, yes you can however we would recommend a routine involving weight training 3-4 times per week along with a high protein diet for optimum results.



    I've just finished a two month of test is it ok to just start noreteen heavy weight 2 straight away

    Asked by jeffrey reed on 2nd December 2014


    Hi Jeffrey, yes it is. Norateen will work slightly differently and will work to it's maximum when cycled on a 2 month on / 1 month off cycle.



    can you use norateen heavyweight 2 and testorone at the same time?

    Asked by rochelle isaacs on 29th November 2014


    Hi Rochelle, yes they work very well in this combination.



    Can I take norateen heavyweight 2 and testorone at the same time

    Asked by rochelle isaacs on 28th November 2014


    Hi Rochelle, yes you can.



    Hi, im 21 years old and I'm considering using a norateen product and am unsure which to begin with, which would you recommend?

    Asked by Keith Fearon on 19th October 2014


    Hi Keith, Norateen Heavyweight II would be the best for you if you have a varied training program. If you do mainly weight training with little cardio we would recommend Norateen Extreme.



    I am providing this to a client after having great results myself but my client has suffered from gyno in the past and they are concerned they may have a repeat of this using Norateen Heavyweight ll. Can you advise please?

    Asked by Lee Pritchard on 30th September 2014


    Hi Lee, we recommend that you get your client to refer to their GP with this question along with a list of the product ingredients as they are better placed to answer all medical questions.



    Hi. How many capsules are in the tub of norateen 2 and how long does a course last? Cheers

    Asked by colin dykes on 30th August 2014



    There are 90 capsules in Norateen II and the course lasts for around 15 days. It is recommended that you use Norateen II on a two month on one month off cycle for best resutlts.



    Hi, I am a type 2 diabetic and would be grateful if you could tell me if taking Norateen Heavyweight 2 will affect my blood sugars? Thanks

    Asked by Tony Lavelle on 28th August 2014


    Hi Tony, it is recommended that all medical questions are referred to your GP as they are better suited to inform you.



    Hello guys .. can i take the norateen II / norateen heavy weight II with (BSN) Nit-rix ?

    Asked by Hamad Alkhutaib on 19th August 2014


    Hi Hamad, we are unable to comment on other products, however all of our products use only natural ingredients so do not cause any side effects and will help you achieve your training goals.



    Hi there I want to purchase norateen heavyweight 2 as I have heard great things about it but I was wondering is there any bad side affects when taking this product ?

    Asked by Kenny Elson on 3rd August 2014


    Hi Kenny, all of our products use only 100% natural ingredients so you will not experience any side effects when using them.



    Is there any supplements that are not capsules .as unable to take because made of gelatine

    Asked by jeffrey reed on 25th July 2014


    Hi Jeffrey, our capsules are not made from gelatine so they will be safe for you to use.



    hi this is Alec iv just got Norateen heavyweight 2 on order and i only train about 4 times a week for about an hour to an hour and half. do i still take 2 caps 15 mins before i train and 2 caps strait after i train or is it 1 before and 1 after, ???

    Asked by Alec Dunn on 4th July 2014


    Hi Alec, for optimum results it is best to take the capsules as directed on the tub: Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day preferably with a high protein meal or high protein shake and on training days take 2 capsules 15 minutes before training and the rest (other 4 capsules) as above.



    Is nh2 ok for women to use, if not can you recommend a product that will give the same results? Thanks

    Asked by Fiona Bainbridge on 28th June 2014


    Hi Fiona, yes it is perfectly safe for both men and women to use.



    Hi , can I take norateen heavyweight 2 straight after my workout?

    Asked by liam walsh on 26th June 2014


    Hi Liam, Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day preferably with a high protein meal or high protein shake such as LA Whey. On training days take 2 capsules 15 minutes before training and the rest (other 4 capsules) as stated.



    Hi.. I recently started taking norateen heavyweight 2 but had to stop after a couple of days due to getting a chest infection, now that the infection as cleared up can i continue with taking it even though ive broken the monthly regime ???

    Asked by Dez Lewis on 22nd June 2014


    Hi Dez, yes now that you have recovered you can continue the cycle.



    I've been taking norateen 2 for to months . Do I have to take a break before starting heavyweight 2

    Asked by Zoe Frame on 7th June 2014


    Hi Zoe, no as it does not contain any testo boosters you can go straight on to norateen heavyweight 2.



    Hi.. Can i take zma while taking Norateen heavyweight II ??

    Asked by Dez Lewis on 1st June 2014


    Hi Dez, yes you can. They will not affect each other's effectiveness.



    Why do I need a 1 month break from these products thanks

    Asked by Gary Taylor on 23rd May 2014


    Hi Gary

    We recommend taking a one month break so your body does not get use to the ingredients as this may hinder results. This is why it's best to cycle on a two month on one month off Cycle.



    Hi it me again I work out 3 times a week doing core training for my stomach and weights for chest, arms, and shoulders is enough

    Asked by Harjap Saini on 1st May 2014



    We recommend training each muscle group once a week for best results. You should be training them heavy using correct movements to ensure you get the best from your workouts. Training to failure will increase the productivity of your workouts and will help you get more from your training.



    I want to lose fat and weight on stomach so I'm using six pack extreme with la slim whey. I jus brought nh2 to build muscle on arms, chest, and shoulders . Would all this work????

    Asked by Harjap Saini on 29th April 2014


    Hi Harjap, yes this combination of products will work very well together when combined with an intensive training program and good clean diet.



    Does Norateen Heavyweight 2 contain any Fish Oils - I am allergic to Fish - Thanks.

    Asked by steven turner on 28th April 2014



    Hi Steven, no it does not.



    hi im average build I start training on 5th may I bought mass gainer, heavyweight 2 and heavyweight extreme, will these products help me bulk up and gain muscle I will train 3 times per week and how long will it take to start to see a difference in me,

    Asked by christopher o\'sullivan on 25th April 2014


    Hi Christopher, this combination of products will be very effective at achieving your goals when combined with an intensive training programme and high protein diet. The appearance of change is totally dependent upon the individual; however our customers often see results quickly.



    I am 20 and looking to build muscle as well and get a 6 pack. I have just bought 6 pack pill, sick pack pill extreme and sculpt. I plan on taking these for a month. However to then build muscle would you advise that the second month I take NH2?

    Asked by Gerry Bowden-Thomson on 25th April 2014


    Hi Gerry, The Norateen Heavyweight II is a great product to achieve your desired goals. For optimum results we would also recommend the use of a protein shake 1-2 times per day as well as an intensive training program and high protein, low carb, low fat clean diet.



    last two months i had la whey protein and norateen heavyweight || and now im going to holiday for 6 weeks so do i need to still drink protein or any kinds la product?thanks

    Asked by mamunur rashid on 19th April 2014


    Hi Mamunur, you will need to keep your protein level high or you will lose muscle whilst on holiday. Keep a good diet with a high level of protein, low fat and low carbs. You can always take a tub of LA Whey with you on holiday to ensure your protein intake is kept high.



    I have purchased both Norateen II and Norateen - should I take these together, which is more effective? I am athletic 5ft11 muscular build 74kg. Currently I am just taking the norateen heavyweight II with whey protein

    Asked by Danial Hogg on 10th April 2014


    Hi Danial, they both work great individually but if taken together will greatly increase results.



    Hi LA MUSCLE why cant a 17 year old take norateen heavyweight 2 and also whats the best for a 17 year old to take to have lean mass muscle definition?

    Asked by Erdogan Ibrahim on 7th April 2014


    Hi Erdogan, as hormone levels in teenagers are already high, we do not recommend the use of products. The best product for a 17 year old would be LA Whey.



    Hi there; what excatly the difference between Nurateen II and Nuroteen Heavyweight II ? i have been using the Nurateen heavyweight for along time and i want you to learn that what will it chance if i take the Nuroteen II as well? Thanks..

    Asked by Recep GUL on 6th April 2014


    Hi Recep, whilst they are both natural in terms of of ingredients, Norateen II is considered more "natural". Both of these products are very strong and very effective when taken together.



    Hi Admin, can I take fat stripper intense, and six pack pills extrema, and just six pack pills in one day all to gather ?? with norateen heavyweight 2 ?

    Asked by Ayub Mezhidov on 5th April 2014


    Hi Ayub, if you wish you can use the products all together, however for optimum results you can cycle them. Try Norateen Heavyweight 2 with Six Pack Pill and when they are finished you can go on to Fat Stripper Intense and Six Pack Pill Extreme.



    Hi, Please can you tell me what I should take on the month off between taking Norateen Heavyweight 2 Thank you

    Asked by catherine penton on 28th March 2014


    Hi Catherine, on the month off you can take Norateen 2 or one of our Creatine based products, such as Explosive Creatine or Nuclear Creatine.



    Hi. I have Vasculator, NH2, the Ab man supplements, Nuclear Creatine and LA Whey. Would you recommend taking these together or would you do it in a couple of cycles. Creatine, vasculator and NH2 for a month and then the Ab man pack for a month? Thanks

    Asked by Danny James on 27th March 2014


    Hi Danny, we would recommend combining the Nuclear creatine, vasculator and Norateen Heavyweight II to start. However, the Ab Man pack will also work fantastically alongside all of the above products.



    Is it ok to take along with LA Muscles Anger Management?

    Asked by Barry Cleet on 5th March 2014


    Hi Barry, yes you can take these products together.



    Why is it recommended not to be taken at 16/17? What are the side effects?

    Asked by Benjamin Tyler-Guy on 24th February 2014


    Hi Benjamin, when under 18-20 years of age your body will already be producing enough testo so we would not recommend this product. We would recommend sticking to LA Whey and 311 BCAAs



    can i take this if im 17?

    Asked by cian ginty on 20th February 2014


    Hello Cian, unfortunately we do not recommend this to people under 18 years of age.



    I have just finished two months of ab man supplement, and got my weight down to how I want it, I now aim to do weights to tone up stomach, will the norateen heavyweight help with this, and I should I still carry on with the cardio Thank you

    Asked by ian jones on 11th February 2014


    Hello Ian, based on your goals, we would recommend either Fat Stripper or Sculpt. You should carry on with cardio if you still have weight loss targets in mind but also try and incorporate some weight or circuit training and focus on core exercises to help tone up your midsection.



    Hi, are the Norateen range of products a prohormone?

    Asked by Tommy Sutherland on 8th February 2014


    Hi Tommy, no they are not. Our products use very potent natural ingredients, which have a proven track record of great results.



    Hi, I'm trying to bulk up and get more definition. I gym about 3/4 times a week. Would you recommend Norateen Heavyweight II or Vasculator in addition to LA Whey? Or both? and why if so. Thanks!

    Asked by Michael Owusu on 4th February 2014


    Hello Michael, based on your training goals we would recommend taking both the Norateen Heavyweight II and Vasculator together if you're training so regularly.



    Hi, is it possible to take Norateen Heavyweight II capsules with protein? I will probably order whey protein from here if I can use it with the capsules. if I can use protein and the caps should I take them together or wait a bit?

    Asked by Liam James on 10th January 2014


    Hello Liam, yes absolutely. You should take protein all year round to supplement your protein intake and combining this with Norateen Heavyweight II will help you get the results you desire. Take them together, train with heavy weights and follow a strict high protein, low carb diet and you will pack on kg's of lean muscle in no time.



    I was just wondering what norateen product would give the best results for muscle and size norateen heavyweight 2 or norateen extreme. Any advice would be very helpful as I wish to purchase one of the two products

    Asked by Allan Kirk on 9th January 2014


    Hello Allan, all of our Norateen products are intended for this purpose. If you are new to using Norateen products we would usually advise starting on Norateen Heavyweight II for 2 months with one month off so that your body doesn't get used to the product and then progressing on to Norateen Extreme.



    Hi I am a boxer who is interested in increasing strength. I am doing weights with intention of getting more defined and cut and gaining strength but not too much muscle mass. Would norateen heavyweight be good for me?

    Asked by Imran Hasan on 10th December 2013






    Can I take Norateen Heavyweight 2 at 10pm? Will it affect my sleep?

    Asked by DZULKIFLI ABD RANI on 9th December 2013



    Hello Rani, Norateen Heavyweight 2 uses only natural ingredients and whilst it should not affect your sleep, we usually recommend that you take it with meals and 15 minutes before you train for optimum results.



    I am on a course of eca 30+ from diamond labs, this is the old set with the flames on the bottle and 30mg of eph. Is it safe to use norateen heavyweight 2 as well

    Asked by Jacob Smith on 23rd November 2013


    Hello Jacob, We are not familiar with that product. We would recommend you take a list of both product ingredients to your GP and see if they can be taken together.



    Hey I am concerned about hair loss, I was wondering if norateen heavyweight 2 had DHT blockers to prevent it?

    Asked by Oliver Hunt on 25th October 2013


    Hi Oliver, this supplement is natural and will not give you any hair loss so you don't need to worry. You need to stick to the instructions and dosage given.



    Im a sprinter looking to build muscle. What are the best products to help me and will these products still work with the amount of sprinting im doing?

    Asked by jack anthony on 20th October 2013


    Hi Jack, Explosive Creatine, LA Whey and 311 BCAAs are ideal. And yes they will most certainly help you.



    I would like to gain muscle and lose my belly fat is Norateen heavyweight 11 suitable or can you advise me?

    Asked by jess barrett on 1st October 2013


    Hi Jess, in order to achieve both of your desired goals, we would recommend our Sculpt product.



    hi, is it a good idea to take 2 caps after training aswell as before, or is it best to spread them throughout the day, thanks.

    Asked by John Evans on 25th September 2013


    Hi John, on training days you can take the 2 immediately after training if you like.



    Hi, Is this ok to take along with XXXXX and XXXX? These are powders I currently use and I've just received my delivery of heavyweight 2, thanks

    Asked by Ryan Henderson on 23rd September 2013


    Hi Ryan, yes you can. Though ideally you should be using it with LA Whey, which is superior and has been designed to work well with Norateen.



    Hi, how long does this product last for and must I leave a month before taking this product again?

    Asked by Marcus Thompson on 1st September 2013


    Hi MArcus, it will last 1 month per tub. You can take for 2 months and then yes, you need to stop for 1 month.



    how long does this stay in your system, i am wanting to try heavyweight II and extreme but i sometimes get tested at work, how long if i stopped taking these would my levels be normal again, thanks.

    Asked by jim murdoch on 22nd August 2013


    Hi Jim, they shouldn't fail on on any test as they are 100% natural. They usually stay in your system for 2-3 days after discontinuation.



    Can I use D-Aspartic acid whilst using Norateen Heavyweight 2 ?

    Asked by David Aston on 5th August 2013


    Hi David, yes you can.



    Why shouldn't you take Norateen Heavyweight 2 more than 2 months in a row? Are there any long term side effects?

    Asked by Lourence Lewis-Hanna on 24th July 2013


    Hi Lourence, because your body may get used to it and then it won't work as well.



    I'm considering buying Norateen Heavyweight II and was wondering whether it's the best muscle builder for the older trainer (I'm 54)? If not, what would you recommend please? Thanks.

    Asked by Trevor Byrne on 9th July 2013


    Hi Trevor, yes it is. You can take it for a while and when you start getting diminishing returns, you can switch to Norateen Extreme.



    I am taking norateen II and heavyweight II. I take them with breakfast at 8 am, before training at 11am and with my after training meal at 2pm. Should I be spreading them throughout the full day or does it not matter what time I take them?

    Asked by Alan Alan on 5th July 2013


    Alan hi, they should be spread out a bit more throughout the day to achieve optimum results.



    If taking Norateen HII, Explosive creatine and Eclipse, can you tell me if there is a recommended time to take each or can they be combined all together. If taken at different times can you advise the split, thanks.

    Asked by Rob Cassie on 30th June 2013


    Hi Rob, they can be combined together.



    Hi, should I take Norteen Heavyweight and Norteen II before or after a high protein meal for best results or it does it not matter when you take it??

    Asked by Gurjit Dhariwal on 22nd June 2013


    Hi Gurjit, doesn't make a big difference. Most people take it at the same time.



    Also Is this ok for 18 year olds and if i take it for a month and increase in size, will i got back to normal size if i stop after a month but carry on training?

    Asked by U Ali on 20th June 2013


    Hi, you won't go back to normal size as long as you are still training with weights and keeping the weights up. i.e. not going down to lighter weights you used to do prior to taking it. Yes you can take it for maximum 2 months at a time.



    Is it ok to start taking this without ever taking norateen heavyweight? & how long does it take to actually 'see' a BIG difference in size? Also because this put on muscle fast would it slow me down in things like punching etc? Thanks!

    Asked by U Ali on 20th June 2013


    Hi, we always recommend our customers to stick to a good diet and a high intensity training programme in order to achieve maximum results. The results will of course be dependent on the individual, however find our feedback shows people had fast results from our products. This would be a fantastic product to help you achieve your desired goals.



    Hi, For the last 2 weeks I've been taking your extreme weight loss tablets. I've just bought your Norateen Heavyweight II and was wondering if I'd still get the best out of the Norateen if I still took the extreme tablets Dave

    Asked by David Osborn on 19th June 2013


    Hi Dave, yes we recommend you follow Norateen Extreme until you have come to the end of the course.



    Hey, I'm 19,I have already taken explosive creatine, can I take nuclear creatine and norateen heavyweight 2 at this age ?

    Asked by Mohsin Ahmed on 18th June 2013


    Hi Mohsin, yes you can.



    hi, is it ok to take nh2 n2 sculpt and fat srtripper at the same time?

    Asked by gurvinder arack on 13th June 2013


    Hi Gurvinder, yes it is, you can take them together.



    Hello can i take Norateen II, Norateen Heavyweight II and creatine all at the same time?

    Asked by Paul Thompson on 10th June 2013

    Hi Paul, yes you can.




    Hi can i take Norateen II, Norateen Heavyweight II and Norateen Extreme and Testorone 250 all at the same time?

    Asked by Mark Brooks JNR on 8th June 2013


    Hi Mark. No. You can take all of them apart from Norateen Extreme which must only be taken by itself and with a 1 month break from the others.



    Hi, is it ok to drink coffee or a expresso shot with Norteen products and CLA??

    Asked by Gurjit Dhariwal on 28th May 2013


    Hi Gurjit, sure, if you like!



    hi when you take norotien heaveyweight 2 pills on a training day do you take the 2 three times a day aswell as the 2 before traing so in total you take 8 in the training day ????

    Asked by danny sild on 25th May 2013


    Hi Danny. No you would only ever take 6 in one day.



    Once you have took the months worth of pills do you have to carry on taking them?

    Asked by Bradley Bellis on 22nd May 2013


    Bradley hi, it's up to you and how much size you want. You can take a maximum of 2 months in a row, then you need to have at least 1 month off.



    Can Norateen Heavyweight II be taken when not only doing gym work but also playing high fitness sports ?

    Asked by Shane Goulding on 13th May 2013


    Hi Shane, yes you can, however a more suitable supplement for high fitness sports would be Explosive Creatine.



    Hi i would like to rais a question about this product as im a bit reluctant to use it. is it safe product it wont effect my liver in anyway im very healthy person dont have any health issues i hope you are able to respond back to my question ASAP thanks.

    Asked by javid iqbal on 7th May 2013


    Hi Javid, yes Norateen Heavyweight II is a natural and safe supplement to use. Stick to the dosages given and cycle it, 2 months on and at least 1 month off.



    How should you take Norateen Heavyweight 2 on your days off?

    Asked by christopher cobbold on 30th April 2013


    Hi Christopher, take 2 capsules, 3 times a day with a glass of water or ideally a high protein shake like LA Whey.



    Hi, is ok to take Norateen Heavyweight II, Norateen II and Six Pack together aim is to Gain lean muscle and size with out putting fat on around the stomach and chest??

    Asked by Gurjit Dhariwal on 29th April 2013


    Hi Gurjit, yes you can do this and it will give great results.



    hi la muscle, i will soon be joining the ncaa athletic department at university and was just reading about banned supplements, is this supplement banned by the ncaa?

    Asked by Nigel Plaskett on 20th April 2013


    Hi Nigel, Norateen Heavyweight II is not banned per se. Due to the potency of this product, however, we would recommend to not take it during the time of testing.



    hi,i just bought norateen heavyweight 2 and i got testorone 250 to use together?thanks

    Asked by karanveer singh on 15th April 2013


    Hi Karanveer, you would pretty much follow the individual instructions on each tub, so 2 x Norateen Heavyweight II capsules, 3 times a day and 2 Testorone 250 with a glass of water 15 minutes before training.



    hi,i got the testorone 250 free with the norateen heavyweight 2.i was just wondering if i can take both to maximise my results???thanks

    Asked by michael flemming on 14th April 2013


    Hi Michael, yes you can.



    hi,which is your best product for gaining size in the quickest time. i was thinking norateen heavyweight 2 or vasculator???? thanks

    Asked by michael flemming on 12th April 2013


    HI Michael, the Vasculator is perhaps a little short term in regards to achieving your goals so in this instance, we would recommend Norateen Heavyweight II.



    I have just bought the Get Big Fast pack. Can you please tell me in what order i take the following; Norateen Heavyweight 11 pills, norateen 11 pills and the 311 BCAA pills. Can i take these all at once, the instructions are not that user friendly.

    Asked by Darren Bowden on 9th April 2013


    Hi Darren, you can basically follow the instructions on each tub, so for example 2 Norateen II in the morning plus 2 Norateen Heavyweight II, then 2 of each in the afternoon and then 2 of each in the evening. The 311 BCAAs can be taken any time, particularly after training. You can take all of them at once. They will work either way. Enjoy!



    Just took my first set of norateen pills. On training days, I just took 2 pills 15 mins before my workout at 10am after the workout (12:00) how long after my workout should I wait to take the next 2 pills? and should I use pre workout alongside?

    Asked by Aden Mckenna on 3rd April 2013


    Hi Aden, no hard rules but any time between 5-10 p.m. is fine. Yes you can use a pre-workout too alongside.



    Can i take the testorone 250 dose (1-2 pils) as well as the norateen heavyweight 2 dose (2 pills) 15 minutes before training?

    Asked by greg smith on 2nd April 2013


    Hi Greg, yes you can, however we would recommend that you refrain from taking anything else in addition to these two products.



    Hi, if I bought this product as a one off, when I stop taking it will I lose much strength/definition or size that I gained while I was taking it?

    Asked by Matthew Purnell on 31st March 2013


    Hi Matthew, no you won't as long as you are still going to the gym and stimulating muscle maintenance/growth.



    also my aim to get 6 pack , iam in the rigt track, i got some definition as well but i need to looks big and more define, will Norateen® Heavyweight II help me to acheive my goal?

    Asked by fahd albreki on 29th March 2013


    Hi Fahd, yes it will but do remember that it is better to concentrate on ONE goal at a time for quickest and best results. i.e. if you want to get big, then Norateen Heavyweight II, lots of carbs and protein, hard and heavy in the gym and no cardio!



    hi can i use the Norateen Heavyweight II with 6 packs pills and creatine or this too much?

    Asked by fahd albreki on 29th March 2013


    Hi Fahd, yes you can.



    hi there,is it good or o.k to take a fat stripper along side norateen heavyweight.i want to increase muscle size but also strip away some extra stubborn fat that im holding..thanks Grant

    Asked by grant hollingsworth on 28th March 2013


    Hi Grant, yes it is OK to do this. Most people go for "one" goal usually, so building muscles with Norateen and lots of food, protein and heavy training etc OR losing weight, so lots of cardio and Fat Stripper. Some do want it all and want it NOW! In this case, yes you can combine both but you need to make sure you eat clean and lean.



    Almost finished my first tub of this, works great! Am I able to go straight onto my second, or is it wise to go a few weeks without norateen before continuing? Thanks, Chris

    Asked by Chris Sage on 26th March 2013


    Hi Chris! Great news! You can go for another month for sure, especially if you are still getting the good gains. After that, take at least 4 weeks off to give your body a break and so you don't get used to it too much either. You can take anything else in that month off to continue to grow i.e. Explosive Creatine, Norateen II.



    Could you tell me if this product is okay for people with mild epilepsy? Cheers

    Asked by Pete Glover on 24th March 2013


    Hi Pete, we are not able to advise on medical conditions. This is really a question for your medical doctor.



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