Explosive Creatine

Product image 1LA Muscle Explosive Creatine, Ultimate Orange, advanced specialist formula, 500g
Product image 2LA Muscle Explosive Creatine, Ultimate Orange, advanced specialist formula, the world’s strongest creatine formula
Product image 3LA Muscle Explosive Creatine, Ultimate Orange, advanced specialist formula, the strongest creatine on the market since 1998, lean muscular gains, boosts energy and stamina, faster absorption, no water retention
Product image 4LA Muscle Explosive Creatine, Ultimate Orange, advanced specialist formula, how explosive creatine works, creatine ethyl ester, taurine, protein, sodium, potassium, magnesium
Product image 5Explosive Creatine
Product image 6Explosive Creatine

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"300% stronger than regular Creatine" Muscle & Fitness Magazine

NEW: Limited edition CHERRY Flavour even stronger formula!

Explosive Creatine's specialist formula contains some of the most effective uptake agents in the world and has consistently been voted as THE strongest Creatine on the market since 1998. Rated as much as 300% stronger than regular Creatine by Muscle & Fitness Magazine.


 Now with CEE for faster gains and no water retention!
"Best Results" Men's Health Magazine
Recommended Creatine Product: Men's Health & Men's Fitness Mags
Limited Edition Cherry Flavour

Winner of several Awards including Men's Health "Best Creatine", Muscle & Fitness: "300% stronger"


New: Even stronger formula With Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE)!
Explosive Creatine is the only Creatine formula to contain the most effective proven Creatine uptake agents in one tub. This amazing sports nutrition supplement has been a best-seller in over 100 countries since 1998. Do not accept copy-cat or "me-too" supplements. There is only one scientifically researched and tested Creatine best-seller that produces results for everyone every time and that is LA Muscle's Explosive Creatine. In fact, those who have been around the sports nutrition industry would have seen that the majority of other companies have tried to copy Explosive Creatine's amazing formula over the years.

"Recommended Creatine" Men's Health Magazine

"300% stronger than regular Creatine" Muscle & Fitness Magazine

"Best results" Men's Health Magazinee

Now with "CEE" for faster absorption and quicker results

New Explosive Creatine contains 100% pure Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE). Through the process of esterification, an ethanol ester is added to Creatine for a superior, faster-acting supplement which also produces no unnecessary water retention. This is the strongest, most effective Creatine you can buy even before the extra additions of uptake agents which Explosive Creatine has plenty of! Explosive Creatine is super-micronised for even quicker dissolving and delivery.

Explosive Creatine also contains 11.3g of protein per serving, helping you recover faster from your training and build more muscle mass. This incredible formula has zero fat! You just get gains and no water retention or fat!

Taurine, Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium added for rapid to speed up results

Explosive Creatine contains Taurine which is a powerful delivery agent. To take a super supplement to even more advanced levels, you also get Sodium & Potassium Phosphates as well as Magnesium. This means that you get the most effective uptake agents in the world in one supplement, guaranteed to work and give you superior results way over any other creatine.

Delicious Ultimate Orange flavour & instant mixing

Explosive Creatine is available in delicious Ultimate Orange flavour, the best tasting Creatine formula you will ever try! It's been specially developed and leaves no after taste, which you might get with cheaper formulas. The formula in Explosive Creatine is a precise combination which has been scientifically developed. Many competitors have tried to copy this formula, but none have come anywhere close to the results Explosive Creatine gives you.

The world's STRONGEST Creatine formula

Explosive Creatine was launched in 1998. Within weeks of its introduction, it had become one of the best selling Creatine supplements in the UK. It has now also become a best seller across the world. This Creatine supplement has had rave reviews in various publications, including Muscle & Fitness. You cannot get a more advanced Creatine delivery formula.

Explosive Creatine will give you quick, natural and lean muscular gains. Forget about gimmick liquids, fizzy Creatines etc. Stick to what science has shown to be the best; take Explosive Creatine. Unlike many hyped up Creatine formulas, Explosive Creatine will not bloat you, make you hold water or get you fat. It will give you quick, natural and lean muscular gains. It will also improve your stamina, energy and speed.

If you are looking for a very strong Creatine formula that delivers results every time, look no further than Explosive Creatine.

Chosen by Men's Health Magazine




Explosive Creatine LA Muscle

Serving size: 45g

Servings Per Container: 11



Energy 122 kcal
Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE) 4.5g
Taurine 2.3g
Sodium 430mg
Potassium 430mg
Magnesium 430mg
Protein 11.3g

Dextrose monohydrate, super micronised creatine monohydrate, taurine, creatine ethyl ester, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, flavouring (orange and lemon), colouring (beetroot and beta carotene), citric acid, malic acid, sucralose.

Supply: 500g

For getting big and strong fast: Mix 1 scoop (45g) with lots of water (scoop inside).
Loading dose: 1 scoop, 4 times a day for 4-5 days.
Maintenance dose: 1 scoop, twice a day.

For endurance athletes: Mix half a scoop with some water and drink 15 mins before your event or training. Mix and drink another half a scoop immediately after your event. If you want more of a boost, you can mix and drink one full scoop before your event

Please note: Explosive Creatine is not and has never been about how much a tub will last. This product produces extraordinary results within a very short time.

Supplements not medicines
LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.

LA Muscle Tubs
In line with LA Muscle’s Green Policy and reducing carbon footprint, LA Muscle is using a “ONE SIZE” tub for most supplements. This is to reduce the use of plastic tubs by having tens of different sizes for various products and having to over-manufacture plastics. As a result, you may find that in many LA Muscle supplements, the tub is much bigger than the total size of all pills. You are still getting the exact number of pills/capsules/powder you have paid for, however there will be extra space at the top, giving the impression to some people that the tub is not full. This is solely because of our commitment to reducing the need for making extra plastic tubs. LA Muscle does not use cotton wool to fill up the extra space because cotton wool can attract microbes. Your safety AND the protection of the planet are big parts of the LA Muscle ethos.

Which is the strongest creatine? And also could I use said creatine alongside (LA Whey, 311 BCAA'S, Norateen Gold, Six Pack Pill Extreme, Unlimited Power & Norateen Day & Night) or which of these supplements can be taken together for best gains?

Asked by Anthony Podesta on 6th January 2021


Hi Anthony, both this creatine and Nuclear Creatine are great options and can be taken alongside other products. You dont need to take all of those products together. A max of 2 muscle builders at a time is enough and will help yield good results.



Can I take this with Norateen gold or Extreme? Also will that enhance my muscle gains?

Asked by Thor Sulland on 23rd December 2020


Hi Thor, yes you can and yes it will double up muscle gains.



will I gain weight with this product without training? Or Do I HAVE to train to see results and do you guys deliver to the US??

Asked by nisha c on 7th June 2018


Hi Nisha, this product only works with training. you always need to train and eat well to see good results. Yes we deliver to the US. We offer worldwide delivery at checkout.



Hi. Normally creatine monohydrate makes me feel sick. Is your creatine easy to digest ? Can it cause upset stomach ?

Asked by Laura Sitiajeva on 17th April 2018


Hi Laura, it depends on the person. Generally creatine is easily digested and we have great feedback on our creatine range.



Hi can you take this with a fat burner or will it defeat the object .thanks

Asked by Christopher Meadley on 25th January 2018


Hi Christopher, ideally for best results you should take this during a muscle building phase.



Hi, can I combine explosive creatine and LA mass weight gainer and during the 4 weeks break, off explosive creatine? Thanks.

Asked by Emmanuel Olulaja on 20th January 2018


Hi Emmanuel, yes you can. We recommend a break from creatine for best results, after 8 weeks the break should be for around 4 weeks.



How to use explosive creatine and how many litre of water for 1 scoops thanks

Asked by Manuela Lobo on 8th August 2017


Hi Manuela, there is no set amount of water. At least 400ml would be sufficient.



Are there any side effects? Thanks

Asked by Reggie Rigby on 22nd May 2017


Hi Reggie, no there aren't any side effects.



Im sensitive to caffeine and stimulants does this product give a caffeine like high?

Asked by Neil Calland on 27th March 2017


Hi Neil, no it doesnt.



Hi my younger brother is 15 and goes to gym everyday and does boxing training. is he ok to take this product?

Asked by Khuram Dean on 27th March 2017


Hi Khuram, we do not recommend supplements for anyone under the age of 18 apart from whey protein and BCAAs.



Hi I'm on loading dose so taking 4 times a day on weekend I don't train do I still take creatine or only on training days? Thanks jackie

Asked by Jackie Trevor on 18th March 2017


Hi Jackie, after the loading phase you can take it 1-2 times per day every day for best results.



I train first thing in the morning, so how important is it to wait 15 minutes after taking creatine before training? Also i take la whey gold straight after training, should I delay the taking of la whey and use creatine straight after training instead.

Asked by Patrick Kearney on 17th March 2017


Hi Patrick, we'd recommend following the directions for best use and optimum results. You can also take it after your workout and your la whey gold shake can follow shortly after.



Can I take creatine and possessed togeather before workout and please also advise time to take before workout and recommended amount of water ?

Asked by Afzal Shaukat on 15th February 2017


Hi Afzal, yes you can. 15 mins before is fine and around 300-400 ml of water.



Can I take creatine with meal ?

Asked by Afzal Shaukat on 15th February 2017


Hi Afzal, yes you can.



Can you take your whey protein powder and creatine together. Or should you only take one of these supplements? Or As I take protein powder and have purchased your explosive creatine and am unsure if I can still take the protein or if I can take both?

Asked by Declan Monaghan on 11th October 2016


Hi Declan, yes you can take both, just not mixed together.



Is it safe to take this, norateen heavyweight 2, vasculator and testo 250 ?

Asked by Martin Banham on 4th July 2016


Hi Martin, yes you can take these all together.



Hi, I'm fairly new to La muscle products. Today i've started my loading phase so on 4 a day, when on the maintenance doses of 2 a day should I take this before and after training or spread out to 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening ? thank you

Asked by Marc Stevens on 23rd May 2016


Hi Marc, take one before your workout and the other either in the morning or evening depending on what time you train.



Hi there, can I take ex creatine and 311 bcca and possessed all three supplements together?? Nish

Asked by nishant nagvadia on 2nd November 2015


Hi Nishant, yes you can.



Hi , how should I use this and nuclear creatine if I use them together ?

Asked by Abdallah Husain on 30th August 2015


We'd advise using Nuclear Creatine pre-workout because of the combination of OAKG and AAKG that will provide superb muscular pumps, and then Explosive Creatine post-workout, to enhance recovery by replacing depleted glycogen and creatine stores.



Hi , whats the differences between this and Nuclear Creatine ? and do these products provide power as products which have caffeine ?

Asked by Abdallah Husain on 26th July 2015


Hi Abdallah, They are both great products however Nuclear Creatine contains a rare amino acid called D-Aspartic acid which is an incredibly fast acting agent. Both products are great choices and will give you increased better performance and results.



Hi, also can I take testorone 250 with all of them. I'm just wondering if it's not too much? My first question please look below. Thanks

Asked by Piotr Nycz on 16th March 2015


Hi Piotr, yes you can.



Just a quick one. Can I use explosive creatine+BCAA+Norateen heavyweight+gold whey ? Thanks for quick answer

Asked by Piotr Nycz on 11th March 2015


Hi Piotr, yes you can. They will all work very well together.



Hi, can I take explosive creatine as I am currently on my high blood pressure medication which is currently under control. Will this have any complications on my health? Pls suggest?

Asked by Jude Fernandes on 11th August 2014


Hi Jude, we advise referring to your GP with regards to medical questions as they will be better placed to advise. You can refer to them with a list of the ingredients and they will inform you.



I want to start taking Explosive Creatine, I've never used this product before how much should I purchase for the first time to take me through the Loading and Maintenance periods? I train 7 days a week in my daily session I do a 30 min run and weights

Asked by Stephen Anderson on 4th August 2014


Hi Stephen, you would need 2-3 tubs to carry you though the two periods. It would be beneficial to go for the offer to buy 3 for £150.00.



Hi, at the minute I've taking creatine 15 mins before my workout and 15 mins after, is this ok, or would it better to take my second scoop later on in the day? Thanks allot :)

Asked by Thomas Westhead on 23rd June 2014


Hi Thomas, no that is correct as that is how we advise to take the products in the directions.



i have purchased la whey bronze explosive creatine and have 14 neutron heavyweight tablets left. i was wondering can i take these together and when would it be best taking each of these supplements? to gain size

Asked by Mohammed Ismail on 31st May 2014


Hi Mohammed, yes you can take them all together and they will work very well together. Take them according to the directions on the tubs for best results.



i have taken various shakes creatine la whey and still body frame is skinny from arms and chest can you suggest what i take to gain size and muscle and how how many reps i should do at the gym?

Asked by Mohammed Ismail on 25th May 2014


Hi Mohammed, Eclipse would be a great product for you as it is an all one muscle shake. You can also purchase this in a bundle pack with Norateen Heavyweight II called Iron Man Pack. We would also recommend some strength training, for instance, 8-12 reps of heavy weights per set.



can I take explosive creatine everyday as I do either cardio or resistence training everyday? Or do I have to be 2 months on and 1 month off? Also is explosive creatine or nuclear creatine better for my training?

Asked by Dipak Karia on 10th March 2014


Hi Dipak, you can take explosive creatine every day however you should not exceed the 2 month on/1 month off cycle for optimum results. They are both strong supplements, however we recommend you start with explosive creatine first and then use nuclear creatine at the end of the cycle.



I'm about to order Explosive Creatine but just want to confirm that: it is suitable for women and it doesn't contain any male hormone?

Asked by Dana Campbell on 7th March 2014


Hi Dana, no it doesn't contain any male hormones. It is completely safe for both men and women to take.



Hi La Muscle I just ordered Expolsive Creatine and i don't understand how to take it one says take it 2 a day and the other says take it 4 times a day with one scoop but i don't understand does it have 2 products init can you help me please

Asked by Erdogan Ibrahim on 28th February 2014


Hi Erdogan, if you new are creatine or haven't been using it lately then you must start with the loading dose of 1 scoop, 4 times a day for 4-5 days. After this you will follow the maintenance dose of 1 scoop, twice a day for optimum results.



Ok i have the fatstripper and fatstripper intense I have also just ordered the slimdown pack and testerone, I want to lose weight by doing cardio and strength any thing you can recommend to give me maximum weight loss and make muscle to replace the fat??

Asked by ravinder singh on 28th February 2014


Hi Ravinder, the products you have ordered should help you reach your goals if combined with a good training program and diet.



Can I use explosive. Creatine when only doing cardio ???

Asked by Nicolas Meynell on 24th February 2014


Hi Nicolas, yes you can, although as it contains creatine if you incorporate resistance training into your workouts it will maximise results.



I'm on diet already, will it make me gain weight or just muscle?

Asked by Amir Salem on 20th January 2014


Hello Amir, Explosive Creatine will work alongside your diet but predominately aid you in muscle gain rather than weight loss.



Is explosive creatine good for 10k and triathlon training and how best to use it.

Asked by andrew stott on 22nd December 2013


Hello Andrew, yes this product is fantastic for endurance athletes. As listed in the product directions, for endurance athletes: Mix half a scoop with some water and drink 15 mins before your event or training. Mix and drink another half a scoop immediately after your event. If you want more of a boost, you can mix and drink one full scoop before your event.



After doing loading dose for 5 days, do I have to do the maintenance dose 1 scoop twice a day OR if I choose to take 1 scoop a day after the loading dose when is it best to take it? Before or after I work out?

Asked by JANET MCKINNON on 18th December 2013


Hello Janet, it is better to follow the directions as listed to maximise results, however if you wish to take it only once per day it is best to drink it 15 minutes before you work out.



Before our Jiu Jitsu class we do 45/60 mins circuits. How best can I use Explosive Creatine as I'm not sure between "getting big and strong" or "endurance" dosages? Don't want to increase muscle mass to much-just improve stamina/reduce fatigue/speed up re

Asked by Simon Kennedy on 24th November 2013



Hello Simon, you would need to decide on your goals to know which dosage directions to follow, however based on your training we would recommend you follow the directions for endurance athletes and mix half a scoop with some water and drink 15 mins before your training. Additionally, it may be advantageous to add another half scoop 15 mins before your Jui Jitsu training.



Please could you advise me on training days how long before starting my workout should I take my creatine, thanks.

Asked by Ian Cattermole on 6th October 2013


Hi Ian, around15 minutes.



Do get lean muscle mass as well as shifting fat around my stomach (I'm 45), along with a high protein diet if I take Explosive Creatine with Norateen H2 and 6 pack pill will this combination work or will they work against each other?

Asked by Warren Lillicrapp on 27th September 2013


Hi Warren, they will work together.



Interested in the explosive creatine! I know I need to start with the loading program but do I only use the creatine the day I'm going to do my training? At the minute I'm training 2 days a week which is Tuesday eve and Thursday eve.

Asked by Carl Oakes on 17th July 2013


Hi Carl, you would take it every day and not just on training days in order to achieve optimum results.



ive been taking a creatine product but not 1 of la muscles own, im about to start explosive creatine, do i need to take the loading dose or go straight to the maintenance dose, thanks

Asked by dean hefferman on 9th June 2013


Hi Dean, depends. If you have not taken any creatine for over a month, then yes you need to ideally do a loading dose. If not, then no.



Hi I've started taking explosive creatine and have finished the loading dose but I've sustained a back injury and haven't been able to train properly, do I keep taking the maintenance dose until I can start training again and will it effect the results.

Asked by Dave Nichols on 9th June 2013


Hi Dave, depends if you are actually training at all or not. If you are training still, then yes take the maintenance dose. If you have totally stopped training, then stop taking it until you are back training. If this is within a month since the loading dose, then you can just take the maintenance dose. If it is over 4 weeks, then it is best to take another loading dose. Hope you get better soon. Reflexology is very good for back problems.



Can I mix explosive creatine with whey protein and drink it as one, or should I take them separately? Thanks marc

Asked by Marc Gangel on 29th May 2013


Hi Marc, you can if you want.



during the maintenence dose of explosive creatine if i use it pre workout can i take the other in the evening or does it have to be taken after training, thanks

Asked by john evans on 21st May 2013


Hi John, yes you can take it in the evening.



is there a minimum amount of water i need to drink daily with explosive creatine to get results

Asked by john evans on 15th May 2013


Hi John, Explosive Creatine works so much better when you are well hydrated. 2-3 litres a day is good. If you are a big guy, then maybe even more!



Tube is quit big but product is so small amount in side why thanks

Asked by Birbahadur Ale on 10th April 2013


Birbahadur hi, that's the standard tub for this size product. The product inside is exactly what you pay for which is 903g or a little more.



when doing loading dose what are the best times to take explosive creatine on and out of training days? same with maintenance?

Asked by Andrew Armstrong on 2nd April 2013


Hi Andrew Loading example: Once in the morning, once before training, once after training, once before sleep. Maintenance example: Once before training and once after OR once in the morning and once in the evening.



Rob B Will the results i get from taking explosive creatine last, or will they go after i stop taking.

Asked by robert barratt on 31st March 2013


Hi Rob, the results will last provided you keep up some form of weight training, lifting similar or heavier weights. If you drop weight training all together, your body will think it no longer needs the muscles and over time, you may lose some muscle size.



Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
Larry Bennett

Gets to work really quickly, can see results fast!

Rich Humfries

Great product, love that it has protein in it as well!

Nikki Brown

Looking great after a month on this, really noticeable increase in lean muscle without the horrible water retention

Brian Richards

Perfect for me, getting good gainz

Tom Robinson

Fast increase in muscle mass, incredible!

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