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2 month supply of very powerful gym muscle builder

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Vasculator EXTREME takes your gym workouts to the next level with 2 powerful muscle pump activators as well as 2 unique stimulators for better mind-muscle connection. Just 1 dose of Vasculator EXTREME will give you improved performance and NOTICEABLE results or your money back.


Very powerful muscle builder
Ideal gym supplement as a pre and intra workout booster
Results from DAY ONE


4 ingredients for instant results in the gym


Many supplements promise you the earth but few GUARANTEE results within 30 minutes of taking the first dose! Vasculator EXTREME is a very clever formulation of 4 ingredients designed to do the following:

 Increase your mental power, ideal as a pre-workout
 Keep you going throughout your workout for Personal Bests
 Increase your strength INSTANTLY
 Increase your muscle contractions and gym pumps, leading to more muscle gains
 Increase concentration and focus
 Increase motivation for working out

Try it get BIG INSTANTLY with NO RISK!


Vasculator EXTREME is a next-level muscle builder. It is not crammed full of useless ingredients to make it sound good. It is very effective and works fast; and you will see for yourself. LA Muscle's R&D have spent a substantial amount of time testing various ingredients so you don't waste your time buying things that produce no results.

Vasculator EXTREME will work within ONE dose. If you are not satisfied, you will get a refund. This is a very strong NEXT LEVEL supplement manufactured under the most stringent quality conditions available today and as with all LA Muscle supplements, results are guaranteed.

Serving size - 1 Capsule


L-Citrulline DL Malate 200mg
L-Arginine 200mg
L-Tyrosine 50mg
Caffeine 50mg


Capsule Shell: Vegetable Cellulose (HPMC) 100 mgs

Supply: 180 capsules.

How to take: Take 1-2 capsules, 3 times a day
On training days you can take 2-4 capsules 30 minutes before training and the rest as above.


Each tub will last: 2 months (or less if you take more capsules).


* Please note: LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. This product is for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle

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