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Q&A on Norateen Muscle Builders

Is Norateen a steroid?

No, it is a legal nutritional supplement.


Can you take Norateen all year round.

No, you can do 2 months on, 1 month off or a maximum of 6 months and then 1 month off. You can take other Norateens after 2 months and you can stack them but after 6 months straight of 1 or more Norateens, you have to take 1 month off.


Can you take Norateen with other LA Muscle supplements?

Yes you can.


Can you take Norateen with other supplements from other companies?

Not really. The reason is that we do not know for sure what is in those supplements, if they are genuine or if they will give side effects.


Does Norateen give side effects?

No, it does not.


Is Norateen natural?

Yes all Norateen supplements are made from natural ingredients, herbs and actives that are natural, safe with no undesirable effects.


How soon will I see results from Norateen?

Most people usually see an increase in strength within 3-7 days and then muscle size within 2-3 weeks (usually sooner).


Can I take several Norateens together?

Yes you can but no more than 3 ideally.


Is Norateen the strongest muscle builder I can buy?

Yes it is unless you want to go the way of injectables with their many dangers and side effects.


Can I take Norateen if I am an older athlete?

100% yes and it will work well.


Can I take Norateen if I am under 20?

Ideally no unless you are very mature for your age.


How do I take Norateen?

Each Norateen tub comes with instructions on how to take on the tub. You can take the tablets with a glass of water with or without meals. You can even crush them or put them in food. It is best to space them out throughout the day for best results unless you are training in which case you can take the 1 dosage before training and the 2nd dosage after training.


Will I test positive if I am on Norateen and I am a competing athlete or if I am tested at work?

No you will not but if you are worried, probably best not to take Norateen on the day of testing.

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